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What Does E-Commerce Mean?

The exchange of currency for goods and services via the Internet, an electronic medium.

Millions of businesses are already selling goods and services on-line. The cost is less than a retail store, because the man power required to carry out the orders is greatly reduced.

What do I Need to Sell Products & Services On-Line?

We can add, or incorporate secure transactions to any website. We offer secure order forms to full service storefronts...E-Commerce is the fastest growing market on the Internet. You can present your products, give descriptions, show pictures, have customers give their credit card information, process the transaction, and send out the product, without ever talking to anyone. These 6 steps can all be built into your website. Of course being market leaders in this field, we provide it at a fraction of what you might think.

  • Business WebSite
    with products, descriptions & pictures
  • Merchant Account
    A merchant account is a business bank account that will enable your business to accept credit card transactions. You will need to contact your local bank on setting up a merchant account.
  • SSL Server
  • Shopping Cart, Store, or Mall
  • CyberCash

What is a Secure Server and SSL?

Secure Socket Layer means that the on-line credit card transaction is routed through a Secure Server where all information being transmitted is encrypted and inaccessible to unauthorized personnel. Secure web servers use SSL to communicate with the browsers. When the little key or lock on the bottom left of your browser goes yellow and locks, you know your sensative information is protected against credit card fraud.

We provide Secure Servers with SSL on our E-Commerce hosting plans.

What is a Shopping Cart?

A shopping Cart is a computer program that operates from the server. It acts like a shopping cart in real life, where you gather products as you browse through the store. These programs have the capability of totaling the order including tax and shipping when it is time to Buy or Check-Out. The customer fills in his/her credit card and shipping information on the Secure page & it will send an automatic e-mail to the merchant with all the specifics needed to ship the order.

A Store will include an on-line catalog via a database. This makes it easier to sell a larger number of products, search for them on-line and add, delete and change prices when necessary.

A Mall is simply a collection of on-line Stores under the same virtual roof.

We offer Miva Merchant as our shopping cart and online catalog solution. It implements a full featured, scalable and extensible catalog solution. With Miva Merchant we can build and maintain an online catalog and shopping cart for your website.

What is Cyber Cash?

is not necessary to do business on-line. But, it is the best way for those who want their on-line store to operate fully automated. It is also installed on your server & works in conjunction with the Shopping cart or store.

Cyber Cash will approve the credit card in real time and instantly deposit the funds (minus their % fee) into your Internet Merchant account at your bank. If you do a large amount of business, this will eliminate the need to call in the transactions to your bank and wait for approval.

For example, you could have a transaction placed from your WebSite in the middle of the night. The credit card will be approved automatically, the funds deposited, and an e-mail sent directly to your warehouse to be shipped first thing in the morning.

We can provide any or all of the above items.

We can customize an E-Commerce program that fits your current needs & budget. Most of these programs are scalable to grow and evolve with your business.

E-Commerce Links

Talk to us about your On-Line Business Plans at ecommerce@strassberg.net

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Learn how powerful this tool can be.

Read more about CyberCash and how it works.

View one of our On-Line Store Fronts

Chineselollies *This is a real store. Please do not complete an order unless you wish to purchase products.


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Photo artwork, image tweak & page design by Neil Strassberg.
All photographs are © 1993-2002 Neil Strassberg, and are subject to copyright laws.


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