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Strassberg Design - Web Design, Development


Web Site Hosting & Maintenance Packages
When your website is complete, you will need a space to "host" it. A host is a computer that has your website on file, and can be accessed 24 hours a day. We provide state of the art servers & our T3 connection to the Internet Backbone is 28 time faster than a T1 Line. This means your visitors will never have to wait for a slow loading page do to bottlenecking on the server connection. Not only do we host it, we provide updates and maintenance packages that fits the client's needs. Rates are as follows:
Non-Secure Hosting & Maintenance
Basic Hosting : $35
Multiple T3  Backbone Connection
Multiple T1 Backup Connection
POP3 E-mail Account & Forwarding
99.5% Uptime
24x7 Network Monitoring
Data & Power Backup
Gold Hosting & Maintenance : $70
All Basic Options plus the following:
Virtually Unlimited Disc Space & Data Transfer
One hour of changes and updates to your WebSite
*Limited Disk Space & Data Transfer
Usual programming charges are $75 per hour. That's a $55 a month savings.
Platinum Hosting & Maintenance : $95
All Gold Options plus the following:
One MORE hour of changes and updates to your WebSite

Web Tracker - To see who & how many visit your site
Web Tracker software is usually $25 a month. Add that with 2 hours of programming, and you get $175. If you include the basic hosting, it's a savings of $135 a month.
SSL Secure E-Commerce Hosting & Maintenance
Basic SSL : $60
All Basic Options plus the following:
Secure Server
Secure Socket Layer
Used for secure order forms and such. Encrypted for security purposes.
Shopping Cart : $100
All Gold Options plus the following:
Shopping Cart Hosting up to 50 products
Up to 5 product changes or additions:
Anytime a shopping cart or storefront is installed, this will be your minimum monthly plan.
Shopping Plus : $150
All Platinum Options plus the following:
Shopping Cart Hosting up to 100 products
Up to 10 product changes or additions:
Custom Hosting:
Strassberg Design can also provide custom packages fit to the special needs of the client. We encourage the use of e-commerce as a must have for any business.
For Shopping Malls and Store Fronts over 100 products, please give us a call. We can host an unlimited number of products.
View one of our On-Line Store Fronts
Chineselollies *This is a real store. Please do not complete an order unless you wish to purchase products.
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Photo artwork, image tweak & page design by Neil Strassberg.
All photographs are © 1993-2001 Neil Strassberg, and are subject to copyright laws.

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