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Ponder in the hollow of thy own existence
Feed on thy own friend's misfortune
Desire what thee has no need for
Take from thy own neighbor
Ignore thy own reflection
Sleep while thee are awake
Separate thyself from thy own brother
Ask thyself, why me
Convince thyself, why not I
Deserve only what thee receives
In the shallow end of thy own soul
This is...

© 8.96 Neil Strassberg.
All rights reserved.


I soothe
As I silently kill you
I pacify
As I wreak internal havoc
I rationalize
As I bend logic
To fit the mold at hand
I give you what you want
As I bury what you truly need
I give you strength
As I suck life's blood from you
I smile upon you
As I laugh behind your back
I smell of rose
As I conceal my true stench
I give to you false hope
As I crash test your life
I allow you to taste sweet success
As I use only artificial sweetener
I lift your self esteem
As I pull the rug out from under you
I anesthetize the pain
As I plan your inevitable hangover
I loosen your inhibitions
As I prolong your awakening
I ward off the feeling of failure
As I perpetually stunt your growth
I allow the net of safety
As I so deeply deceive
Am your wolf in sheepís clothing
Am your two bit, two faced,
Smiling Jack, seemingly harmless,
Eddy Haskell, back stabbing, cheat of a friend.

© 10.19.96 Neil Strassberg.
All rights reserved.


(It's a long one...hang in there. The 3rd verse pays off.)

We belong, You and I
To this generation.
A generation of gratification
To the order of the utmost immediacy.
Give it to me...
Now, I say
No, let it be faster than now.
I want it yesterday
No please for you
No thank you.

Ahhh...but worry yourselves not
My impatient cowboy junkies of "X"
I have the best of news for you, rocket man
The panacea does exist.
The answers all within
For you and I
I hold hear in my sweaty little hand
Simplicity...word times two
Immediately, we will do
As all who have demanded before us
To wait...
We must.

For these shoes of concrete
To break free
I must wait.
For the arrival of he
Who turneth Kool Aid into wine
I must wait.
To find if paths chosen
Are in truth
The road less traveled
I must wait.
For the flower drum song
I must wait.
For splendor in the grass
I must wait.
For my detachable penis to find itself
I must wait.
For the gap of opposing generations
To narrow
I must wait.
For red wine and chocolate
By the stewards of drug and food
To be declared prophylactic
I must wait.
For ass ponies
To clean up after them selves
I must wait.
For pop to eat itself
I must wait.
For Iggy to finally eat a decent meal
And pop
I must wait.
For video to kill the radio star
I must wait.
For candidates of presidency
To speak the gospel
I must wait.
For the peace I seek
Of the mind
I must wait.
For Peter Pan
To turn over his peanut butter proceeds
To charity
I must wait.
For the butt holes of surfers
To heal the Santa Monica Bay
I must wait.
For definitions, and explanations
To the obscure references of a bearded Mr. Miller
I must wait.
To see just how many
Direct to video sequels of Aladdin
Robin and Walt can crank out before post-mortem death
I must wait.
To see if the one million smack daddies per episode
Is enough to purchase a seventeen year old, large breasted teen wife
For Mr. Ed, or is it Wilbur.
I must wait.
To find if these cathartic words
Grace the blank and empty retinas
Of my peerless peers
I must wait.
To know in final
If the many dawns of time can quell
This innate cynicism
This paper cutting sarcasm
I hold so dear
To this dessert I call my soul
To quote a self proclaimed politically correct artist
With good intentions, bad judgment
And a live show that resembles
Mack plays lizard cums all over glitter town
The human condition incarnate
I must wait.

© 9.22.96 Neil Strassberg.
All rights reserved.

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